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We are pleased to be able to offer to visitors to LILAC COTTAGE the use of our recording studio, at additional costs by arrangement, you can use all or some of the time you are with us recording your music.

The studio is equipped with 24bit/96khz Digital recording mastered onto CD  

The studio is easily accessible from Lilac Cottage, with additional car parking, air conditioning and pleasant surroundings. Inside the studio (at most hours of the day) you will find Nick, your attentive production engineer, musician  who will be pleased to assist with any points, including any additional vocals or instruments you might need. ( Nick plays Drums, Guitar ,Piano, Saxophones and Flute)


 A range of effects units are utilised and vocals can be particularly assisted with quality microphones and compressors. The studio is ideal for acoustic music (Nick also has plenty of experience in this particular area). but all types and styles are welcome.

The studio operates a strict no smoking policy, but you will be allowed to smoke in the garden.So how much extra will it cost?

Studio hire is 35 per hour, excluding media costs, but if you are coming to stay at Lilac cottage, we would be pleased to tailor make your needs accordingly, please contact us to arrange and discuss costs.  You can also E mail for further details:

seasidestudioyorkshire@gmail.com or telephone Nick on: 01964 527645